Review: ‘A1’ – Fun is the word

Santhanam is back after ‘Dhillukku Thuddu 2’, with ‘A1’, a comedy entertainer directed by debutant K Johnson, starring Tara Alisha Berry and a host of comedians that include Tiger Thangadurai, MS Bhaskar, Lollu Sabha Manohar, Swaminathan and Motta Rajendran. Continue Reading

A1 is thorough entertainer: Santhanam

“Finding a proper release has become a big process these days. We were asked to postpone our film for Avengers, IPL and on top of it, they are saying that it’s month-end so the collections will be affected. The problem is that my producer Raj has borrowed money from financiers so the interest rate will increase. We can’t hold our release date after a point of time. We are releasing A1 on 26 July” Continue Reading