Mortal blow to an immortal saint

When great leaders die, it has become an Indian habit to bury their ideals, ideas and even their passions alongwith them. Former CM and the immortal heartthrob of millions of Tamilians, especially the downtrodden Continue Reading

India arrives with a ban

As India gate crashes to take its rightful place in the comity of nuclear powers, every Indian who values his self-respect and understands his self-interest has reason to be proud and elated. After decades of hypocritical dithering and painful procrastination Continue Reading

A race against bombs

It is now just a matter of time and luck Either the police reach there first or the hidden bombs go off. Chennai has been lucky last three times around, in just two weeks, when the police ‘discovered’ huge caches of explosives running into several kilograms, just in time. Continue Reading