Issues, many-‘pest’os, cam‘pain’s

As in every election, the current one too is replete with issues. Even a cursory glance at the pollscape will show many issues frantically scurrying about. Issues can figure but how can they run and walk around? Confused? Continue Reading

9 get life sentence in Madurai ‘Dinakaran’ newspaper attack case

The case dates back to 2007 when the newspaper owned by the Sun Group headed by Kalanithi Maran, published a survey stating that M K Stalin was the preferred heir to then DMK president M Karunanidhi and that his brother Alagiri’s popularity was just 2 per cent. Continue Reading

TN’s 10-year challenge: Key changes witnessed in politics 2009-2019

With the #10YearChallenge that is about posting photos of individuals from 2009 and from today, to check their physical changes, taking the social media by storm, how about a similar exercise for Tamilnadu from the political angle, for the State’s politics witnessed a sea change in the last decade? Continue Reading

The Inside Jobs

The election battlelines have been drawn no doubt. But it is a rather hazy line that hardly delineates or divides anything. Despite the bugle having been sounded, warring troops are still shuffling in and out of formations with the poll call only setting off skirmishes within several party ranks. The battlefield instead looks like a chaotic arena that you see in sci-fi movies wherein a voltage trip triggers a jarring clash of metals amidst jaded robots, ending in a jumble of twisted debris. Continue Reading

Time for heir-cut

The nastiest thing about dynastic politics is the way inheritors take the people and party for granted. Their self-obsession is such that their divine right is deemed sacred and secure, beyond question. The only issues that need settling are either the timing and tactics in case of a sole heir or ‘heir’-splitting over power, in case of two or more. Needless to add, the original sin of emboldening the inheritor and encouraging their audacities lies with the patriarch, or for that matter, matriarch. What needs to be added, on balance, is that the inheritor may also play the Bhasmasura act on his blood benefactor! Continue Reading