Booked & Hooked

Have you played book cricket? I am sure most of you would have for that is the ideal way to put books to good use in school and college, particularly when post-lunch classes are on. Also, scoring runs with a textbook is a lot easier than scoring marks with it. In my case, being a book-addict, over time, the childhood habit of book-cricket had morphed from a playful indulgence to almost an all-consuming obsession. I tell you, there is nothing better in a dull or idle moment than opening a book, be it even a dictionary, at random and feeling the fresh fragrance of new words and ideas or the familiar caress of known ones emanating from that page! Continue Reading

Rama’s extended exile

With politics, cricket and cinema occupying all of public mind space, Lord Rama, indeed, is an unlikely candidate for journalistic attention. The provocation to download that divine deity, who straddles all the worlds and beyond, into these columns are many. Continue Reading