2,501 lives claimed by Covid in Chennai, more than 12,000 active cases in city

The number of active Covid-19 cases in the city has again hit the mark of 12,103 after a few days of lull. Five neighbourhoods in Chennai have more than 1,000 cases. Continue Reading

Spike in Covid-19 cases continue in Chennai

There was a surge in Covid-19 cases across a few districts in Tamilnadu yesterday with 1,185 cases from Chennai. The spike in positive cases continues today as well, say sources. Continue Reading

As Coronavirus cases rise, testing ramped up in Chennai

Though the number of Covid-19 cases have been stablised, they are once again on an upward trend in Chennai, by crossing 1,000 mark for the past few days. Continue Reading

Is Chennai heading towards flattening Covid curve

Chennai, which is putting a brave fight against Covid-19, is inching towards flattening the coronavirus curve, so to say. Continue Reading

Chennai’s Covid break-up: 88% recovery, 10% active cases & 2% deaths

The city has been fighting the novel coronavirus fiercely. Currently, the active cases are at 10 per cent and recovery is at 88 per cent. Continue Reading

Ambattur continues to top Chennai’s coronavirus numbers

Covid-19 cases in the city have reduced considerably, with Ambattur reporting the highest number of infections at 1,506. Continue Reading

Teynampet tops Chennai’s Coronavirus fatality rate

With an increased recovery margin and decreasing number of active cases, Chennai seems to be slowly getting off the grip of coronavirus. Continue Reading

Only 3 areas in Chennai have 1000 plus coronavirus cases

It can be said that rapid testing of people for coronavirus has paid off. Finding out those infected and isolating them have curbed the spread of the infection. Continue Reading

Ambattur tops Chennai’s coronavirus figures

The neighbourhood of Kodambakkam which became a Covid-19 hot spot after Royapuram, is now left behind. Ambattur has emerged as a containment zone. However, the numbers are not alarming. Continue Reading