Chennai: Cheers and tears

I am one of those who staunchly believe that Chennai predates its official birthday, chosen by some ‘colonial cousins’, by several centuries. I am pretty certain Mylapore and Triplicane, to mention just two areas, were not ‘founded’ by the British nor can Chennai be confined to the walls of Ft St George, which the Brits did build over whatever structure existed earlier. But let me go with the crowd as it happens in city railway stations (not the new metro ones, sadly) when we seamlessly move in and out without aid of our limbs. Continue Reading

An Angry Birds’ Nest

A recent study, according to a news agency report, has found that ‘anger is viral; anger is the most influential emotion on-line, inciting more responses than other sentiments such as joy or sadness … anger spreads faster and more broadly than joy …’. The study was about social media trends and not a poll of people physically. Millions of tweets and their responses were analysed and the result was an overwhelming vote for anger. Continue Reading

From the Heart!

Just recently, I reminded this writer that I exist and that I am important. He had taken me for granted for too long and been piling up his mental load on me so mercilessly that I thought it fit to give a missed call. It was a jolt that he would remember for the rest of his life, which of course depends on how healthy and happy I am. Just as well, though, for since then he has been trying to take care of me. Only trying, but that’s fine for a start because that shows my warning has gone home! Continue Reading