No choice, only noise, but please voice

It is a tough election for voters. A mundane multi-cornered contest has mingled with a mind-numbing multi-media slug-fest. A light vein is needed to take the ongoing de’mock’ratic tamasha seriously. Small wonder comedians and caricatures are invoked more than Kamaraj, Anna or MGR. But vote, we must! Continue Reading

Life of Poi

The sum and substance of their stuff is bluff. Of course, that is the stock-in-trade of the entire political tribe, but Mulayam and Maya are stand out ‘stall’-warts, specialising in this sacred (p)art of politics. That their political lives are littered with lies is no secret Continue Reading

Wanted: Alladdin’s magic lamp!

The fancy for fables continues. With realities being so harsh one has no choice but to fall back on fantasies. So after Alibaba and 40n thieves, it is now wise to see if Anna-Baba and the rest of us, flatteringly described as civil society, can invoke Alladdin, or to be precise, his Magic Lamp to solve our problems. Continue Reading

Dead, yet not gone!

Jyoti Basu’s passing at the age of 96 is not exactly a tragedy. Nor was it unexpected as he was ailing for quite some time. In fact, he quit as CM in 2001 at the age of 88 on health grounds, after reigning for 23 years. Working backwards, he had become the CM at age-65, when the rest of the proletariat would have been well into retirement. Continue Reading

Blood on their hands

The dream weavers of the Dravidian movement used to spin tales of milk and honey flowing in Tamilnadu if only they were voted in. But ever since their rise to power in 1967 even water has become scarce. However, two things have flowed consistently in this State, thanks to decades of dominance by Anna’s DMK and its various off-shoots: Blood and flattery! Continue Reading