Apollo performs minimally invasive cardiac surgery on 85-year-old man

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the top cause of death globally, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives each year. Continue Reading

Apollo Hospitals successfully saves one-week-old baby

Apollo Hospitals has successfully completed a lifesaving procedure on a one-week-old baby to treat coarctation of aorta, a life-threatening condition that occurs in newborn babies. Continue Reading

Apollo Hospitals unveils ‘Project Kavach’

Apollo Hospitals has announced the launch of a comprehensive and integrated response plan to take the battle to COVID-19. Continue Reading

Donor saves two lives at Apollo Hospital

Doctors at Apollo Hospitals here gave a new life to two critically sick patients from a single donor. Continue Reading

Docs gain knowledge in field of physiotherapy.

Apollo Prime (Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Meet to Innovate, Motivate & Educate) 2020 conference of Apollo Hospitals was held to build a uniform programme and develop guidelines for physiotherapists across Apollo Hospitals Group. Continue Reading

Knee pain, no more for this US music teacher

A 69-year-old American woman diagnosed with Grade 3 Osteoarthritis took an international trip right after four weeks from the surgery. Sarrah Hassler, music teacher in an international school in Chennai was suffering from Grade 3 Osteoarthritis that made her daily routines miserable. She had to stop teaching and had to fall in the bed completely. Continue Reading

Apollo Hospitals docs perform minimally invasive double curve correction surgery

Apollo Hospitals has successfully completed a minimally invasive double curve correction using the revolutionary non-fusion anterior scoliosis correction technique on a 13-year-old girl, who was affected by adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, an abnormal sideward curvature of the spine.

Continue Reading

Special stamp on Apollo Hospitals released

A special postal stamp in recognition of the contribution of Apollo Hospitals towards blood donation awareness and blood transfusion services was released by The Department of Post recently. Continue Reading

Apollo Hospitals revenue up by 18%

Apollo Hospitals announced that it has delivered a strong performance in the second quarter of the year, with continued growth of volumes, revenues and margins. There was a good performance, both in the hospitals and in the pharmacy division, said a statement. Continue Reading