Kazhagam Inc.

The main Dravidian parties may be many things. But they are certainly not ancient or outdated.

No doubt, K, now seven short of century, has been alternating as CM since when I was five and looms as a prospect into my fifty. Stalin, sixty plus, with forty- five odd years of politics behind him is still a youthful aspirant. J became CM a year before my daughter was born and she, J at 67 is front runner (?) as she, my daughter, not J, is well into her PG. For decades the two key kazhagams have been the only choices. Yes, in such a case they should be deemed redundant. Continue Reading

It’s party time for media

On the face of it, it looks quite ironical that the idiot box should catch the imagination of our super-intelligent rationalists. But thanks to enterprising grand-nephews and their not-so-entertaining mischiefs, every rationalist worth the towel on his torso seems to have now come alive to the possibilities that a ‘kept’ media on air offers to their political prospects. Continue Reading

Who’s who & who’s with who!

On 31 Dec, 2005, TN elections seemed like a distant affair. But just a week into 2006 and the political air is suddenly thick with poll talk.

A trip down the memory lanes and by-lanes of TN politics would confound the sanest of individuals. Continue Reading

A race against bombs

It is now just a matter of time and luck Either the police reach there first or the hidden bombs go off. Chennai has been lucky last three times around, in just two weeks, when the police ‘discovered’ huge caches of explosives running into several kilograms, just in time. Continue Reading