A sage for all ages

In the passing away of Swami Dayananda Saraswati the nation has lost a revered Guru, who saw himself as a philosopher-teacher (as opposed to a mada adhipathi). This distinction is important to understand the great Guru and put his immeasurable contributions in proper perspective. For Talk Media, News Today and Maalai Sudar, the death of this kind soul is a sad event as he had been an important guiding spirit to it. Continue Reading

A Sage for all Ages!

The canon of objectivity de- mands that journalism should not succumb to reverence. Of course, in practice this objectivity is either an alibi for an ivory-tower snootiness or is, well, highly subjective, for every scribe has his pet ideas and ‘isms’ and not only sees the world through those prisms but also paints his verbal pictures with those brushes. Continue Reading