Familiar farce

Nothing brings out the duplicity and diligence of Tamilnadu politicos as lingo loyalty does. Suddenly there is a race to the battlefront to protect Tamil that ‘predates sand and stone’. The provocation for the war cry from here is an advisory of the Ministry of Home Affairs directing that all official announcements on social media be made in Hindi, the familiar foe. Continue Reading

Hello,who are you?

Thackeray being Thackeray would not have thought twice about bowling a fast one at Sachin. And Sachin being Sachin too would have no problem in hitting this rather bad Bal for a six. Even if he doesn’t, the rest of the country, being what it is – crazed by cricket and dazed by its champions -, will do it for him. So we will not agitate over this raging all-India debate about what goes into being a Marathi Manoos. Continue Reading