Why TN is forbidden land! — 2: A conflict of civilisations

Let’s begin at the beginning … ‘Thamizh predates sand and stone’ This core dictum is embedded deep in the psyche of the Tamil-speaking population world over. Continue Reading

Madrasi Mantri Ka Menace

Making a king out of Singh was a lot easier. For that king to make mantris out of a multitude of aspiring MPs, ranging from real masters to mavericks, morons and minions turned out to be a monumental task. The swearing-in was postponed repeatedly and happened piecemeal,with the match-making between many ministers and ministries dragging on. Continue Reading

When even sandal turns scandal

In TN, Periyar is a touchy topic. One is supposed to touch upon the subject only in reverential tones, while even the slightest touch of a critique of him automatically evokes wild reactions. The long departed leader himself might have advocated rationalism as the touchstone of his ideology Continue Reading

Riding on his own rhetoric

The decision of the Sankaracharyas to keep away from the very secular Railway function has, if anything, at least made one point clear to our rational rajas. The loud message is that self-respect is not the Continue Reading