A Sage for all Ages!

The canon of objectivity de- mands that journalism should not succumb to reverence. Of course, in practice this objectivity is either an alibi for an ivory-tower snootiness or is, well, highly subjective, for every scribe has his pet ideas and ‘isms’ and not only sees the world through those prisms but also paints his verbal pictures with those brushes. Continue Reading

Looming heirlooms

Political Leaders leave many kinds of legacies ranging from properties to parties to pet theories and pronouncements. Unlike a nondescript individual, the legacy of a public person raises more complications on the latter’s death: The claimants are not just blood relatives but include, to put it in TN’s political lingo, Blood’s Blood and Co-borns too (Raththaththin raththam & Udanpirappugal). Continue Reading