You too, Lotus!

The uncivil war raging within the BJP Parivar has ramifications much beyond that party’s confines. In a perverse way, BJP’s much touted ‘cultural nationalism’ gells perfectly with Bharath’s culture of internecine feuds at the expense of nationalism, a curse that had helped many a foreigner from Alexander to Allauddin Khilji to Aurangazeb to the Anglos to Antonio, to divide, rule, loot and scoot. Continue Reading

Benevolent ‘bad’shahs!

It is not often that you have ghosts of past Mughal emperors calling on you in succession. After Babar, who has been hanging around for quite some time now, sternly refusing to be exorcised, Akbar and Aurangazeb are currently in our midst, bestowing their munificence even posthumously. Continue Reading