Author of ‘The Cartiers’ talks about the art of writing history

What started as a search for champagne to celebrate the 90th birthday of her late grandfather, Jean-Jacques Cartier, Francesca ended up discovering a trunk full of letters which gave her a window of opportunity to peep into times of the Cartiers. But to write a history book, that too a family’s origin story, is no easy feat. How did Francesca do it? Continue Reading

Parinda Joshi speaks about her novel ‘Made in China’

Publishing a book is the ultimate goal for writers. But to witness their book getting adapted for the silver screen, may appear like something out of a dream. This was how Parinda Joshi felt when her novel, Made in China, was brought to life as a Bollywood film starring ace actors including Rajkummar Rao, Mouni Roy and Boman Irani. Continue Reading

Author Ashwini Shenoy writes about warrior princess of Mahabharata

While the folklore has been narrated from several key character’s point of view, little do we know about Shikhandini, the one who killed Bhishma. She turned the table during the Kurukshetra war between Pandavas and Kauravas. Hers is a role that is less explored by mythology fanatics. Fascinated by her character, author Ashwini Shenoy pens Shikhandini, a fictional/alternative mythology published by Leadstart Publishers. Continue Reading

City-based financial expert pens book about misuse of govt funds world-wide

Subra Ramamurthy brings out latest his book, ‘Pursuing Reforms across Countries: Perils, Stresses and Rewards’ published by The Notion Press. The economist, who has worked in over 25 countries with top financial giants such as Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation, United Nations, World Bank, Arab Monetary Fund and Asian Development Bank, has faced some thrilling, scary experiences in his career. Continue Reading