Chef Damu says traditional Indian food serves as medicine

Traditional food – it is all over the Internet, television channels and books. Yet, we do not take efforts to make them and rather binge on pasta or burger. But to the generation that still does age-old recipes, fret not, for we have chef Damodaran who is on a mission to bring them all back to the platter. Continue Reading

Nutritionists speak about importance of following meal plan during exams

With the ongoing plus two board exams and the tenth board examinations around the corner, it becomes common for students to lose out on diet considering the amount of pressure they receive. Time and again, parents emphasise on eating right, yet they fail. Nutritionists and dietitians in the city speak about the importance of following a nutritious meal plan. Continue Reading

Mom’s kidney health determines baby’s

“The physiological nature of a woman’s body protects her kidney until she reaches menopause; however, renal health gets affected post the stage. Despite differences from that of men’s organs, records state that more women come forward to donate their kidneys,” noted Osmania Medical College and Hospital Department of Nephrology professor and head, Dr Manisha Sahay. Continue Reading

What’s wrong with food delivery platforms?

The vehicle stops, the delivery agent takes the food parcel from the crate and is found savouring a few scoops of biriyani. After repacking it and trying to bring an ‘intact’ condition, he tastes the dessert from his order. Continue Reading

Corporation yet to receive orders on licensing tobacco outlets

In view of the rising tobacco consumers in Tamilnadu among other south Indian States, the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation released a circular 25 September directing to develop a mechanism to licence, through local body authorities, shops selling tobacco products. Continue Reading