Online birth, death certificates to have digital signature

Following the launch of an online portal for downloading birth and death certificates, the Directorate of Public Heath and Preventive Medicine is piloting digital signature feature to issue the documents at just a click. Continue Reading

Fast facts on fasting: Pack it with nutritive liquids, say experts

When we do not consume anything for most part of the day, our body utilises the stored carbohydrate and fat to energise once all the calories from the previous night’s meal have been exhausted. Continue Reading

Heart patients getting younger; Cardiac surgeon blames it on lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle is a subject that healthcare experts raise concerns about. One life-threatening condition that has become common among the youth is coronary heart disease. Continue Reading

111 malaria cases reported in Chennai

With the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (DPH&PM) assuring of eliminating malaria by 2023, the figures indicate steady reduction in other States, but not so in Chennai. Continue Reading

Upcoming author S Kanchana shares her love for Tamil

Amid all things English, not often do we give importance to our mother tongue. Only a handful people pen down their thoughts or poems or stories in Tamil. Somehow, the foreign language makes its way through during a casual or serious conversation. Continue Reading

As city witnesses water scarcity, think twice before wasting it

With the city reeling under severe water crisis, it becomes the responsibility of every individual to be responsible. Given the intensity of scarcity, it is not shocking for several places that receive sewage water in freshwater lines. Continue Reading

Chennaiite attempts to break fingertip push-ups record

In a rare feat and as a model to the youth population, J Mohan Prakash gave his attempt to break the record in doing fingertip push-ups or distal phalanx with 27.2 kgs on his back, recently. Continue Reading

Sexagenarian in Chennai coaches sportspersons free of cost

“There were not many sportspersons in the district as it lacked facilities. However, it did not deter my school and many were found excelling in events like football and hockey, among others. That sparked my desire to get into sports.” Continue Reading