TNPCB ties up with police to bring down pollution on Bhogi

Bhogi, the first day of Pongal festivities, will not just bring happiness, but also loads of smoke as people will be burning old things on streets. This will increase pollution levels in the city, affect traffic and leave people with cough and breathing difficulties. Continue Reading

Year-ender: Protest, disaster, and sensation sum up 2018 for Tamilnadu

This year was a roller coaster ride for Tamilnadu for it began with transport employees protesting and marched towards the end with the shocking news of HIV blood being transfused to pregnant women. The happenings in between had also jolted the people of State. Here are the highlights of Tamilnadu in 2018. Continue Reading

5-member panel begins probe on HIV blood transfusion

Following Madras High Court taking suo moto cognisance on HIV blood transfusion, a five-member committee started conducting the investigation at Madurai Rajaji Government Hospital today. Continue Reading

Chennaiites unhappy with door-to-door garbage collection

It has been one month since the Pallavapuram Municipality began door-to-door garbage collection. While a section of residents are glad about the civic action, activists in the neighbourhood are unhappy that it has been implemented without serving a prior notice to people. Continue Reading

Climate, entomological changes make mosquitoes dangerous

Chennai: Guess what you should be worrying about when you swat that mosquito with your ‘bat’ and pray that you don’t contract dengue? Climate change. Yes, experts suggest that the pesky mosquito is undergoing entomological changes due to erratic climate change.… Continue Reading

Register unapproved plots before 16 Nov: CMDA

Following the requests by the public to register plots under ‘Regularisation of Unapproved Layouts and Plots’, the Chennai Metropolitan Development Area (CMDA) has extended the deadline, owing to festival holidays. Continue Reading

Health Mix: Vitamin E is oil soluble & helps prevent diseases

It is a common belief that consumption of oil can lead to weight-gain, cholesterol and other such conditions. However, doctors in the city state that oil, which contains fat, is required to dissolve Vitamin E that can prevent several diseases. Continue Reading

Little Theatre to make patients of Children’s Hospital laugh

As part of the MoU, we are setting up a permanent studio in the hospital just below the palliative care ward. We plan to organise creative art workshops for them on a regular basis. We will also have story-telling sessions, enacting plays and staging puppet theatre to entertain the children Continue Reading

Postman in Chennai suburb shares his work experiences

“My day would start as early as 8 am. I have also worked through the night at times. Those were the days where transportation was not an easy job, we either had to walk or pedal miles to deliver. Even then, we had to distribute around 150 posts everyday,” he recalls. Continue Reading