Two Chennaiites speak of tragic incidents and on overcoming them

The common aspect that unites Narendran and Rajan is living a life after the passing away of their beloved ones. Vaani Anand and AVIS Viswanathan, ‘the happynesswalas’, as part of the happyness conversations, spoke to Narendran and Rajan about acceptance and being happy. Continue Reading

IMH in Chennai ropes in experts to conduct art therapy

 On every Monday and Friday forenoons, the premises of Institute of Mental Health (IMH) echoes with drums, tabla, ganjira and tambourine. Inmates can be seen singing, drumming or dancing to their favourite number, breaking away from the monotonous schedule. Thanks to the art therapy session conducted by certified experts under the guidance of hospital doctors. Continue Reading

Activists opine e-cigarettes ban would curb online sales in TN

Last September, the State government prohibited the manufacture and sale of e-cigarettes. With the move, Tamilnadu joined 14 other States and one Union Territory by doing so. However, activists alleged that the illegal activity continued to happen online without any hindrance. To evoke a blanket ban on the e-cigarettes, heat-not-burn tobacco product and hookah bars among others, the Centre passed an ordinance seeking the same today and the Cabinet approved it yesterday. Continue Reading

Royal DSM President Mauricio Müller speaks to NT on consumer segment

Royal DSM, a global science-based company dealing with nutrition, health and sustainable living that launched Nu Shakti. The products aim to cater to the micro-nutrient need among Indian population. Continue Reading

Chennai couple inspires to be happy, tells stories of resilience

Bankruptcy in any person’s life is often a depressing phase, and if it’s an entrepreneur, bouncing back to normalcy takes inordinately long time. But for this Chennai couple – AVIS Viswanathan and Vaani Anand – the case is reverse. Vaani says they hit a jackpot. Despite being in deep waters, they identify themselves as the happyneswalas. And yes, that is how they spell it. They run three non-commercial programmes – The Bliss Catchers, the happyness conversations and The Uncommon Leader – in Chennai. Continue Reading

Apple to launch 3 premium iPhones tomorrow

In a first, Apple live streams the launch of three new models of iPhones on YouTube tomorrow. Until recently, the tech giant had made the opportunity to view live only on its own set of gadgets and browser. The devices can be pre-ordered on 13 September and is available to buy the following Friday 20 September. Continue Reading

‘Alex in Wonderland’ on Amazon Prime is a musical treat

No matter what the occasion is, humans love to be connected with music – be it gleeful or mournful happening. And there is a song for every trivial cultural event which you’ll find out if you ask your granny. Then comes comedy, that ends up cheering us and brightens our mood. But, what if there is comedy in music? Or, how about combining the two to evoke laughter? Does it not sound satiating? Continue Reading

Six Chennai hotels get ‘Hygiene Rating’ from TN Food Safety Dept

Within three months of implementation, State Department of Food Safety and Drugs Administration Director and Additional Commissioner, Dr K Vanja informs that six Food Business Operators (FBOs) from Chennai have obtained the credential. That apart, eight and six restaurants from Namakkal and Kanchipuram, respectively, have the rating. Continue Reading

31-years later, Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist continues to inspire readers

Over the past three decades since the day of its launch, The Alchemist has been translated in 80 languages, has won 115 internationally-acclaimed awards, has stayed on chart of The New York Times Bestseller List and has sold over 150 million copies. Continue Reading

Simple makeup mistakes to avoid when perfecting your elegance

We have read a lot about applying make-over, but little do we pay attention to the mistakes we do in the process. From using in excess to choosing the wrong shade of foundation, we have all been there and done that. Here is a listicle from News Today about the errors we commit. Continue Reading