Author Ashwini Shenoy writes about warrior princess of Mahabharata

While the folklore has been narrated from several key character’s point of view, little do we know about Shikhandini, the one who killed Bhishma. She turned the table during the Kurukshetra war between Pandavas and Kauravas. Hers is a role that is less explored by mythology fanatics. Fascinated by her character, author Ashwini Shenoy pens Shikhandini, a fictional/alternative mythology published by Leadstart Publishers. Continue Reading

Chennai gets a new Gavel Club to nurture skills in children

At a time when many educational institutions are focussed on scoring marks and ignoring holistic development, it is the social set-ups like Gavel Club (chain of Toastmaster’s Club) that help children have a way with words and hone leadership skills. Continue Reading

Fitness-enthusiast from Chennai is on a mission to reintroduce cycling

In a bid to encourage people cycling, Felix John from Chennai, has been elected as the Bicycle Mayor by Amsterdam-based social entreprise BYCS. A happy Felix is charting out ideas to make people embrace and leverage cycling. Continue Reading

Chennai researchers develop safe hand-washing technique for children

In India, studies state that 20 per cent of the child mortality cases are caused due to water-borne diseases – diarrhea and acute respiratory infections (ARI) like pneumonia. Close to 46 per cent households practice open defecation and the rate is up to 80 per cent in a few districts. Continue Reading

What led down Pazhavanthangal rly station?

The 2019 Swachh Rail, Swachh Bharat ranking that ranks the stations based on several factors and Pazhavanthangal railway station in Chennai occupies the eighth place in the list of unclean stations in India.
The reasons are aplenty and obvious as far as Pazhavanthangal station is concerned. During several instances, residents of the neighbourhood and commuters have raised a range of problems.
Continue Reading

Two Chennaiites speak of tragic incidents and on overcoming them

The common aspect that unites Narendran and Rajan is living a life after the passing away of their beloved ones. Vaani Anand and AVIS Viswanathan, ‘the happynesswalas’, as part of the happyness conversations, spoke to Narendran and Rajan about acceptance and being happy. Continue Reading

IMH in Chennai ropes in experts to conduct art therapy

 On every Monday and Friday forenoons, the premises of Institute of Mental Health (IMH) echoes with drums, tabla, ganjira and tambourine. Inmates can be seen singing, drumming or dancing to their favourite number, breaking away from the monotonous schedule. Thanks to the art therapy session conducted by certified experts under the guidance of hospital doctors. Continue Reading

City lads to organise palm sapling plantation drive in Chennai

Chennai: When Sathishkumar Pichandi took part in the massive jallikattu movement that got national recognition, little did he know about the indigenous trees and plants. His quest landed him in devouring as much information as possible on palmyra varieties. What… Continue Reading

Activists opine e-cigarettes ban would curb online sales in TN

Last September, the State government prohibited the manufacture and sale of e-cigarettes. With the move, Tamilnadu joined 14 other States and one Union Territory by doing so. However, activists alleged that the illegal activity continued to happen online without any hindrance. To evoke a blanket ban on the e-cigarettes, heat-not-burn tobacco product and hookah bars among others, the Centre passed an ordinance seeking the same today and the Cabinet approved it yesterday. Continue Reading

Royal DSM President Mauricio Müller speaks to NT on consumer segment

Royal DSM, a global science-based company dealing with nutrition, health and sustainable living that launched Nu Shakti. The products aim to cater to the micro-nutrient need among Indian population. Continue Reading