Author Shreyas Bhave recounts Mauryan times and writes Asoka Trilogy

Mountain Girnar in Gujarat boasts of a vast Jain temple and Buddhist cave. When Shreyas Bhave, a writer-cum-railway electrification expert visited it, he was awestruck with the architectural marvel and was curious to know the mind behind it. When he enquired, pat came the answer. It was constructed by Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka.
The incident left him pondering and made him embark on a journey to unravel discoveries of the great grandfather and grandson duo, thus was born Shreyas’ Asoka Trilogy. Continue Reading

HDFC conducts loan mela

HDFC Bank Ltd successfully conducted Grameen Loan Mahotsava at Tirechengode. A press release said, over 4,000 people visited the loan melas to inquire about various loan products and banking facilities with more than 500 customers from 30 villages and towns including Rasipuram, Bhavani, Pallipalayam and Sangagiri availed loans and facilities from the bank. Continue Reading

Chennai lad’s Motta Maadi Music goes to 5 districts

On 27 Jan 2018, Badhri Narayanan Seshadri hosted his first ‘Motta Maadi Music’ session on his terrace at Thillai Ganga Nagar. A handful of 20 members took part. Fast forward 1.5 years, a whopping 1,000 audience sign up and thousands more wait in queue with hopes to witness at least his next session. Continue Reading