A march to the past

I am shocked. In fact, I am outraged. Actually, ‘devastated’ would be apt. Summons to Manmohan? Mr Clean, corrupt? No way. If I was in New Delhi I would have hit the streets for the Cong road show, even if it entailed the unseemly idea of walking with Sonia Maino. I am sure Rahul too would have taken a stroll wherever he is holed up, in support of the former PM just as he lent ‘voice’ for Kalavathy. Continue Reading

Beware of Big Fellas!

The murky machinations of the minister and his minions vis-a-vis the missed call to a judge and the missing millions of 2G continue to dominate public mind. As raids follow raids, skeletons tumble in a torrent, ‘incriminating’ docs attain moksha in CBI archives, leaks become a deluge and political missiles fly thick and fast, real enlightenment however remains elusive. Continue Reading

Good, bad and ugly

A momentous week indeed, with many moments of truth, or at least versions of it. The tidings were mixed, and also varied with the point of view; what was good for one was not so for another, but that’s always the case. The greater truth is that what is seemingly good has ugly undertones, set to surface in time if not already, while what looks bad at present has the seeds for future good embedded in it. Continue Reading

Trust them not

Imagine a Kollywood pot-boiler in which there are only villains and comedians. Now, who would rescue the familiar damsel in distress? And if indeed someone tries, what would be her fate, given the character of the cast? The political parties are currently playing one such tragic joke on the nation, a distressed damsel ever in the dumps, thanks to them. Continue Reading

Figuring out the figures

If February, being the Budget month, is all about number crunching, March is when you take stock, marking as it does the end of the financial year. With the new Finance Bill taking effect from 1 April, these thirty days present the last op for corporates as well as the common man not just to erase past accounting sins Continue Reading