Growing bill to fix Britain’s Big Ben

The bill to repair London’s iconic Big Ben clock tower has increased by millions of pounds after the discovery of World War II bomb damage, pollution and asbestos, Britain’s parliament said on Thursday. Continue Reading

Britain will not lament death of Soleimani: Boris Johnson

Britain will not lament the death of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, though he warned that reprisals would lead to greater violence. Continue Reading

Russia, China vetoes to block United Nations decree

Russia and China used their vetoes to block a UN Security Council resolution that would have extended for a year cross-border humanitarian aid to four million Syrians.

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Britain wakes up to new dawn

Britain’s new political landscape began to take shape Monday as triumphant Prime Minister Boris Johnson talked trade with President Donald Trump and readied a pep talk for his new Conservative Party lawmakers.
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Brexit uncertainty hurting JLR more than outcome: Chandrasekaran

Tata Motors is looking for partnerships to lessen the financial burden, said chairman N Chandrasekaran, projecting the effects the company has faced by the continuing volume slowdown and mounting losses at its British arm, JLR. Continue Reading