Know how good is your lung

The most talked about issue in our country in the recent days was the drop in quality of air in New Delhi and in few metropolitan cities across the country.
An interesting initiative was launched by Apollo Cancer Centre titled ‘The Billboard that Breathes’, a unique installation featuring human lungs, retrofitted with HEPA filters and a fan that mimics breathing, to visually demonstrate the impact of air pollution. Continue Reading

The hidden ‘Hand’-book

‘Is it in the CBI manual?’ queried the SC when told that it was perfectly normal for the investigative agency’s head to consult his political bosses. With due respect to the honourable court, we wish to place on record here that, notwithstanding whatever is in the CBI manual, which incidentally can be known only after a CBI enquiry and which report has to be vetted by the law minister, the SC must have actually called for the UPA manual. Continue Reading

Licentious learners

Brevity is the soul of wit, but what is the soul of journalism, which is all about grist? Bravado? Bragging? Breast-beating? Well, I realised I had erred on the side of excess last week, both in terms of words and worthless wisdom, but when an enlightened reader pointed that out in a stinging left-handed compliment, some air did exit this bloated self. Continue Reading

Still, he is an honourable man!

The spectrum scam is not just about A.Raja. To believe that he could have single-handedly caused a loss of Rs175 lakh crores is to overstate his capacity and calculating abilities. Nor is this a system failure: On the contrary, the system that includes various ministries, departments, official watchdogs like CAG and the judiciary has actually worked. Continue Reading