Indian plague league

Anything in excess is poison. Cinema and cricket are always prime candidates. The game of bat vs ball, particularly, has now overshot all normal boundaries, thanks to IPL and courtesy its opening player, Lalit Modi. In just a few years, this contagious mental virus has seeped deep into the psyche of a vulnerable populace and sapped virtually every aspect of national life like no other epidemic. Continue Reading

The Art of Giving

I have always looked askance at celebrity charity. Several years in the business of dispensing publicity probably makes you skeptical of people’s motives, particularly those who cannot give without a camera capturing the moment. But frankly, four fingers point inwards too, to a cynical conscience: after all, what’s wrong in giving under public glare? Continue Reading

Round & round in 80 days

That the Earth takes 24 hours to rotate and 365 days to complete one round needs no confirmation. But if the last eighty odd days are any proof conventional wisdom seems to have turned on its head: our good globe is on a tail spin, completing multiple somersaults in a day and several circles in just a few days. Continue Reading

Fuelling a futile furore

No doubt, petrol and diesel are politically inflammable issues too. But the hue and cry being raised by political parties of all hues over the latest rate hike is just a smoke screen to hide their own follies and foibles and not borne out of any concern for the people’s plight. Continue Reading

Mother India & Uncle Sam

Our masters of the past, the British, rarely fig ure in our mental frame, barring vis-a-vis cricket. Pakistan dominates our mind for all the wrong reasons, including cricket. George Bush too has said something about cricket in the context of India Continue Reading