Pa Ranjith justifies casteism in movies

Filmmaker and producer Pa Ranjith has said that it is essential to talk about casteism in movies when the society is divided over religion and caste differences. Continue Reading

Poll for-‘caste’

The familiar formula is back in fashion. Not that it ever was off vogue, but poll time is when it bares its fangs and rears its venom-spewing head most. Casteism, particularly in TN, is a generational curse. However, while displaying its ugliest face this week it also unmasked all the political facades that kept the poisonous pot boiling for their own survival and success. Continue Reading

A new star cast for caste

The love affair between cinema and politics in TN looks endless. With Sarath Kumar throwing his hat into the political ring, the stage looks set for yet another celluloid adventurer making a bid for the hot seat at Ft St George, which seems to be ‘reserved’ only for Kollywood veterans or wannabes, from actors, actresses to script-writers. Continue Reading