Metrowater complains against EB cables in Chennai

In a rare development, Metrowater has lodged a complaint with the police through the WhatsApp (R7 K K Nagar PS Citizens) against Tangedco contractors for laying cable inside the Metrowater drainage system on Munusamy Salai, K K Nagar, in the city without seeking permission. Continue Reading

Poor drainage facilities in Chennai still continue to wreak havoc

Adding to water stagnation, mosquitoes too breed freely in this area, thereby causing health hazards to residents of the colony, she said. As the monsoon is not far away, authorities should swing into action and remove the bushes first. Then, the drains should be cleaned to facilitate smooth flow of rain water, she concluded. Continue Reading

Commuters rue over battered road in Chennai

Motorists are having a tough time crossing the Adyar signal at Kasturibai Nagar to Madhya Kailash in the city during peak hours, due to the poor state of the road. This, coupled with problems related to illegal parking and encroachments, is inconveniencing commuters big time. Continue Reading

Popular park in Chennai needs quick attention

It is alleged that few misuse the area for sleeping, while others throw empty plastic bottles in the garden, and children play in the gym meant for adults. Continue Reading

Chennaiites help revive diminishing lakes in Ambattur

“For 50 years these ponds were unused. We could have saved so much water. With every household now using borewells, it is time we took drastic measures to recharge ground water as well. We need to find many such waterbodies that are on the brink of encroachment and bring them back to life,” he said. Continue Reading

Now Chennaiites can pay IDC charges in instalments

Suresh said due to people not being able to afford the amount, as most families in the area run on a monthly salary, they simply had to let sewage into SWDs which in turn pollutes Ambattur lake.

Continue Reading

Flyover in Chennai to be built at a cost of Rs 360 crore

In addition to MGR flyover in Porur and overbridge at Manapakkam, this overpass will be the third major bridge that will be constructed in this area to reduce traffic chaos. Continue Reading

Delay in stormwater drain works in Chennai worry residents

While the work on the nullah on the northern side of Ambattur Estate Road is complete, that on the southern side is far from over. So, the outflow of water is very negligible relative to the inflow when it rains. This makes the stormwater stagnate on the northern side, near the Anna Nagar West Extension area. Continue Reading

Traffic lights in Chennai to be on always, say commuters

Being one of the busiest stretches in the area, the flow of vehicles here is high. Senior citzens find it difficult to cross the road since the signals always remain turned off. Continue Reading