Tax arrears? No water, seems to be Metrowater credo at time of scarcity

For over a week, city residents have been battling with booking a water tanker on the website of Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board due to backlogs in paying property tax. Continue Reading

Puzhuthivakkam residents suffer maximum due to water woes

Residents of Puzhuthivakkam, Chennai, are facing severe water crisis as ground water has gone completely dry. With Metro Water services coming to a near halt in the neighbourhood, the most affected are the people from lower economic strata, state residents.
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Madipakkam residents lock up roadside Metro tanks fearing water theft at night

Madipakkam residents are supplied Metro water through huge plastic tanks set up on the roads. They allege that people ‘steal’ the water at night. Solution? They have locked the taps to prevent the theft. Continue Reading