Finance professional and life coach, pens book in a month

Vivek Ishwar’s book is a guide for ‘millennials to find balance and accomplish all their goals’. He is also a certified life coach and currently trains over 20 people from six different countries. Continue Reading

Chennai’s author explores cerebral palsy in her first book

Sundari Sivasubbu, who lives on the eighth floor of an apartment in Tiruvanmiyur, sees life and experiences positivity sitting on her wheelchair. This drove the cerebral-palsy author to write a book, A Bumblebee’s Balcony. Continue Reading

‘Kavignar’ cop recites motivational poetry over walkie-talkie 

Inspector S Kanagesan (49), serving in the Madras High Court station, has been giving minute-long breaks through a few lines of poetry to his colleagues on hectic duties through night and day. Continue Reading