‘China, WHO should have acted quicker to stop Corona pandemic’

A panel of experts commissioned by the World Health Organisation has criticised China and other countries for not moving to stem the initial outbreak of the coronavirus earlier and questioned whether the UN health agency should have labelled it a pandemic sooner. Continue Reading

Editorial: Countries and cases

South Korea’s Health Minister said Monday that the Seoul metropolitan area is now a Covid-19 war zone, as the country reported another 615 new infections and the virus appeared to be spreading faster. Continue Reading

Outbreak of Covid-19 infections via elevator surfaces in China

In a study published in the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, Chinese researchers identified an outbreak of Covid-19 infections which via elevator surfaces in a province in China. This is being viewed as a marked departure from previous lukewarm notices on surface-to-person transmissions. Continue Reading

Back to school in China as restrictions ease

Europe’s four worst-affected countries all reported marked drops in their daily death tolls, offering hope that the outbreak may have peaked in some places —at least for now. But leaders and experts remain divided on how quickly to revive shuttered economies while maintaining a delicate balance between freedom and safety. Continue Reading

China reports one local coronavirus case after three days

China has reported one domestically transmitted coronavirus case after three days and 54 new imported infections on Thursday, prompting Beijing to temporarily cancel visas for foreigners and restrict flights to prevent a second wave of the deadly COVID-19 in the country, health officials said on Friday. Continue Reading