New research stresses on importance of fruits & vegetables in everyday diet

If you are scouting for a magic potion to live a longer and healthy life, try five daily servings of fruits and vegetables, in which two are fruits and three are vegetables, according to new research that combed through studies representing nearly 2 million adults globally. Continue Reading

City doctors perform elbow surgery on 70-year-old Covid patient

A team of doctors at Fortis Malar Hospital performed a challenging multiple fragment surgery on an elbow of a 70-year-old lady with multiple co-morbidities including Covid-19. Continue Reading

Know how good is your lung

The most talked about issue in our country in the recent days was the drop in quality of air in New Delhi and in few metropolitan cities across the country.
An interesting initiative was launched by Apollo Cancer Centre titled ‘The Billboard that Breathes’, a unique installation featuring human lungs, retrofitted with HEPA filters and a fan that mimics breathing, to visually demonstrate the impact of air pollution. Continue Reading

Air quality not healthy at Kilpauk, Tambaram: Apollo Hospitals doctor

Smog is one of the most important concentrated particulate matters which would contribute to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The air quality at Kilpauk and Tambaram are not healthy,’ said Respiratory Research Foundation chairman and Apollo Hospitals senior respiratory physician, Dr R Narasimhan. Continue Reading

Alert for non-smoking Chennaiites as COPD on rise pan-India

The disease is caused due to inhalation of harmful particulate matter and prolonged exposure to them leads to irritability in the airway. The doctor states the initial symptoms of COPD can be related to minor infections. Continue Reading