Why Not?

It is understandable that re-conversions and Sanskrit science are raising a lot more outrage than Peshawar or Paris amidst the secular brigade here. After all, are not the quixotic tantrums of the Togadia tribe deemed more dangerous than the bloody massacres unleashed by madcaps worldover, all of whom happen to have one common denomination, er, denominator? Indeed, such irony can be dismissed as idiotic but for the insidious intent. Continue Reading

The 9+1 Decade

I have always been ob-sessed with chronology. My hard disk files away events and happenings as milestones, minor or major, on a mental timeline. According to me that is the only logical way of chronicling the lives and times of individuals, societies, nations and civilisations. History itself is the eternal march of time, its antiquity as unfathomable as its posterity is open ended. As a keen student of history Continue Reading