Putting down nation’s belief is not good, says professor

In India, those who cannot not see the relationship between their nation and women are ignorant. Anyone who disrespectfully teases or rejoices in putting down a nation’s belief will obviously have no respect for women or motherhood. Such attitudes should be nipped in the bud, says professor Vijaykumar Jayaram (VKJ) Continue Reading

A deadly dead-end!

In the last few days, Minister Raja has made a momentous comeback into limelight and therefore merits mention in these columns. And by some inscrutable association of thought, the Maoists too keep rising to the mind whenever the minister does. Now what earthy connection do the trigger-happy Maoists have with the tele minister? Nothing! And that’s precisely the point and problem! Continue Reading

Hidden realities

We are either searching for hidden bombs or hidden agendas. Both are of explosive potential and can blow up all and sundry if not handled and defused with care. While bombs deliver instant death, agendas may take time to achieve critical potency and when they do.. Continue Reading