Where Left, Right & Centre meet!

It would be of help, to pundits as well as the uninitiated, to brush up on some basic political definitions. The term ‘Left’ has pejorative origins in medieval France, representing the commoners who sat to the left of the King, in contrast to the nobles who were on his right: as the ‘hand that is the weaker of the two’, ‘left’ was a metaphor for the underdogs of society. Continue Reading

Demo‘crazy’ it is

The Shibu Sorens of the country serve a few useful purposes too. Besides contributing profusely through case laws to the cause of criminal jurisprudence, such characters make you alive to the dark and disturbing possibilities and prospects that a democracy could throw up, making it seem like some kind of a ‘demon’ocracy. Continue Reading

Back to brasstacks

Now that the commotion over the formation of Government at the Centre is over, it is back to the business of governance as usual. It is as if a whole nation has come back from a long vacation and it may take quite some time before the people and politicians Continue Reading