Far from the madding House

Parliament’s summer session evaporated in the Lokpal heat. The monsoon session was washed away in the FDI flood. The winter session almost stands frozen on the same count now. Obviously, any thaw will only lead to the next stalemate. Indeed, seasons may change but MPs cutting across parties remain unanimous and steadfast in their resolve to keep Parli in permanent coma. Continue Reading

Politically Yours

No house can be set in order or cleaned up from outside and that includes the hallowed Houses that run the country. Team Anna (that-was)’s decision to take the political plunge, therefore, is a natural organic development that should be welcomed. Is it not a good test of the samaritans’ motives and mettle as also of the citizens’ seriousness to shed the baggage of sleaze? But the ‘You too, Anna’ tone of many is quite amusing. One supporter has even filed a cheating case against Kejriwal for breaking the promise of ‘no politics’. Continue Reading

It’s nobody’s nation!

Former PM Vajpayee, during his stint as External Affairs minister during the Janata joke of late seventies, was asked by a foreign scribe: ‘When are you planning to visit India, Sir?’. High flying PM Rajiv Gandhi’s passion for foreign … lands was so much a talking point in the eighties that on his arrival in Delhi once an opposition MP quipped Continue Reading

The Lotus Hocus Pocus

It is easy to attribute the UPA’s ascension to power to an arithmetic accident. But the BJP’s sordid show at the hustings cannot be explained away in a similar vein. The Cong’s victory claim may not be so convincing, but the fact remains that the BJP has lost, gross and square. Continue Reading