Where Left, Right & Centre meet!

It would be of help, to pundits as well as the uninitiated, to brush up on some basic political definitions. The term ‘Left’ has pejorative origins in medieval France, representing the commoners who sat to the left of the King, in contrast to the nobles who were on his right: as the ‘hand that is the weaker of the two’, ‘left’ was a metaphor for the underdogs of society. Continue Reading

The other side of the coin

The videos and images despatched by Cho Seung-Hui, who killed 32 persons in Virginia Tech in US before turning the gun on his own head, to a TV channel offer vivid insights into his maniacal moorings and morbid mindset. Childhood grievances, medical depression, social isolation and paranoia had joined hands with misplaced religious moralism to create a lethal personality. Continue Reading

Fuelling a futile furore

No doubt, petrol and diesel are politically inflammable issues too. But the hue and cry being raised by political parties of all hues over the latest rate hike is just a smoke screen to hide their own follies and foibles and not borne out of any concern for the people’s plight. Continue Reading