Editorial: Corona, chaos, & confusion

This year it would be a low key Ganesh Chathurthi in this part of the country as the government has barred installation of idols in public and immersion of idols in the sea in view of the Covid-19 lockdown. Continue Reading

Where scare is the fare

The flavour of the season is fear. Really, that single emotion has always driven humanity into all its deeds and misdeeds. The roots of science, religion and philosophy can be traced to a mortal fear of nature, future and the unknown. Of course, these disciplines might have come a long way, evolved in the process Continue Reading

Shall we tell the Prime Minister?

Undermined and overruled! The real executive head of India, the Prime Minister, has no clue what is happening in the country that he rules and the government that he runs. Rather, this ruler is ruled by many and run down by all and sundry! Continue Reading