Passion, unplugged!

What happens when you have to stop doing, either voluntarily or owing to circumstances, what you very passionately love doing? And what if that thing is not just a hobby or a pastime but a lifetime or rather, a lifeline, profession or a higher calling? Of course, not everyone gets this unique gift of combining profit and passion and in most cases, work or vocation is a drudgery that fetches the daily bread while the soul seeks out other sources of self-fulfilment. Still, one tends to take this prize of providence for granted and plunges headlong, only to feel a profound personal pang when the time comes for parting. Continue Reading

Just fooling around

At the risk of sounding cynical, it must be said that with the people getting fooled by the slick, street-smart politicians round the year, there is nothing really sanctimonious about April 1, the official fools day. One often gets this self-deprecatory feeling that ours is a country of fools where fooling is a national habit and getting fooled a national weakness. Continue Reading