Venkaiah pitches for greater role of women in legislatures.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday pitched for greater representation of women in Parliament and state legislatures. Continue Reading

We have to create new paradise in Kashmir: Modi

Blaming the Congress for the plight of Kashmiris for decades, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today called for “hugging each Kashmiri and creating a “new paradise” in the valley. Continue Reading

Indo-Pak tensions less heated now: Donald Trump

Tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir is ‘less heated’ now than what was two weeks ago, US President Donald Trump has said, reiterating his offer to help the two South-Asian neighbours ease the situation, only if both of them want. Continue Reading

Far from the madding House

Parliament’s summer session evaporated in the Lokpal heat. The monsoon session was washed away in the FDI flood. The winter session almost stands frozen on the same count now. Obviously, any thaw will only lead to the next stalemate. Indeed, seasons may change but MPs cutting across parties remain unanimous and steadfast in their resolve to keep Parli in permanent coma. Continue Reading

A status report

This is a status-driven society. Everyone and everything needs a niche. All things created by God, be they sentient or not, have to fit into some man-made category or the other. Of course, G himself appears to have his own classifications, but that is a dangerous religious terrain and we will skip it. In any case, intra and inter-religious conflicts have proved that even God is subjected by His subjects to status questions like true and false. Continue Reading

Nationhood via neighbourhood

A common query I face from readers is whether a neighbourhood newsmedia needs a column on national, political and sundry other macro issues. Of course, the obvious reason is my own personal itch aggravated by a sense of self-importance and assumed authority on all matters, all of which are symptomatic of a disease called ‘Writers’ Syndrome’. Continue Reading

Free to rise or fall

The human mind, rational or religious, has an uncanny passion for dates as milestones on the eternal highway of time. In fact, even when there is no diary entry of a noteworthy event, ‘Days’ pop up every day, so to say: Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. Of course, Independence Day is supposed to be intrinsically different. Continue Reading

It’s never too late

Friends of Nehru dynasty, Romans and Congressmen would like to believe that Sonia’s foreign origin is a non-issue. The intellectual and liberal elite and the honourable mediamen in print and on primetime would debate endlessly the pros and cons of a foreign coach for the Indian cricket team, but would care less about being ruled, in person or by proxy, by a foreign-born foreigner. Continue Reading