Bane of bans

Ideally, I would like to thrash that guy smoking with relish and spewing toxins in style on his kid sitting on the lap. But that, thrashing someone and not smoking, is a criminal offence. It’s difficult also to resist the temptation to trample on the tippler sprawled on the street after a busy evening at TASMAC outlet while his family is starving back home. But again, booze is a birthright, dispensed by welfare States too. Continue Reading

A riot of riots

It was Paris a little before last year. Today, it is London. Now what the dickens is common between the two cities of that fabled Tale? Riots and arson on the streets. So what’s the big deal?

For the proud former imperial powers such riots are indeed a mighty blot on their egos. It is quite alright and even natural for the third world and Arab nations to erupt in roadside rage at the drop of a hat but civilised nations that taught mankind ‘table manners, art & fashion’, Continue Reading

The Lotus Hocus Pocus

It is easy to attribute the UPA’s ascension to power to an arithmetic accident. But the BJP’s sordid show at the hustings cannot be explained away in a similar vein. The Cong’s victory claim may not be so convincing, but the fact remains that the BJP has lost, gross and square. Continue Reading