March past, April Fools’ time now

I am inspired. I am encouraged. And I am emboldened, enough to present my own manifesto, my promises, knowing fool, er, full well that there is no chance of me getting elected. There is a conspiratorial proviso in the EC fool, hell, rule book that unfairly disallows those who have not fooled… filed their nominations, from contesting. Continue Reading

CCTV cameras to be installed to bring Cooum under surveillance

To monitor and curb the illegal dumping of construction debris along Cooum, the Greater Chennai Corporation will install cameras at various places in the neighbourhood along the river bank. Last year it was reported that more than 86,000 tonnes of construction debris have been found dumped along the river Continue Reading

From the mouth of a river

Koovam. That’s the village in Tiruvellore district where I was born, though my ancestors hailed from places to the West, as far as even Dharmapuri. But here I am in Chennai as the desolate, dirty Cooum, far removed from my original history and habitat. I know you will hold your nose on hearing my name but please lend your ears to my tale of tears. Continue Reading