Is Covid vaccine booster needed?

While some manufacturers believe that their vaccines are effective against all variants of Covid-19, there are others which have noticed that the efficacy of their doses have been waning over time. Continue Reading

Covid spread across East Asia over 2,000 years ago: Research

A new study published in the journal Current Biology has found signs of a coronavirus spreading among populations in East Asia over 20,000 years ago. Continue Reading

2-DG: DRDO unveils anti-Covid drug

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh tonday (May 17, 2021) released the first batch of the anti-Covid-19 drug 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG) to strengthen India’s fight against the coronavirus. Continue Reading

Top virologist quits Covid panel after criticising govt

Senior virologist Shahid Jameel has resigned from a forum of scientific advisers set up by the government to detect variants of the coronavirus, days after questioning the authorities’ handling of the pandemic. Continue Reading

Covid-19 a recurring infection, people need to learn to live with it: Delhi Health Minister

“Coronavirus is a recurring infection. The minute we feel the situation is getting better, there is a sudden surge. We need to be aware, but also need to learn to live with it,” Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain has said. Continue Reading

Pandemic affected mental health of youngsters

As the country continues to battle the coronavirus, young adults in college say that their mental well-being has been most impacted by the pandemic’s social consequences. But the silver lining is visible to most and the outlook is one of hope for this year, state the results of a survey by BML Munjal University. Continue Reading

Explained: How corona may hijack human cells

Researchers have identified parts of human proteins which the novel coronavirus could be using to hijack host cell processes, an advance that may lead to the development of new drugs for treating Covid-19. Continue Reading

Can biosensors detect Covid antibodies?

Scientists have developed new protein-based biosensors that glow when mixed with components of the novel coronavirus or specific Covid-19 antibodies, a breakthrough that could enable faster and more widespread testing for the disease. Continue Reading