Delhi court extends Chidambaram’s judicial custody in INX Media case

A Delhi court today extended the judicial custody of former Finance Minister P Chidambaram in the INX Media case lodged by CBI. Continue Reading

We have to create new paradise in Kashmir: Modi

Blaming the Congress for the plight of Kashmiris for decades, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today called for “hugging each Kashmiri and creating a “new paradise” in the valley. Continue Reading

SC extends protection from arrest to Chidambaram

The Supreme Court today extended till tomorrow the interim protection from arrest granted to former Finance Minister P Chidambaram in the INX Media money laundering case lodged by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Continue Reading

Train of thoughts

Metro Rail is certainly a matter for great celebration for Chennaiites. But Metro Rail is also a miserable metaphor for the laggard, leisurely, laboured pace at which our cherished city is struggling to become a real, well, metro. As we rejoice at the latest locomotive landmark, we can’t also avoid rueing the missed and messed opportunities. The hoot that heralded the first Metro Rail was also a wake-up call. Continue Reading

Corruption ‘cowed’ down

Lalu always loved cattle. He enjoyed playing the rustic villager, the humble simpleton who rose against the mighty feudal lords of his land, and in all this he invoked bovine intervention very liberally. His animal farm was the launching pad for his foray into the political stage. But then he stretched his addiction to livestock a bit too far. He stabbed those very backs that helped him ride to power. Lalu looted in their name and what was due to them. Continue Reading

‘Corruption’ eva jayate!

Indians’ mock war on corruption crossed yet another murky milestone in its jinxed journey to Destination Nowhere. With Karnataka voters at once rejecting, retaining and ratifying it, corruption has again turned out to be poll-proof and quite resilient. And has the advantage of arithmetic too. The familiar There Is No Alternative (TINA) argument also falls flat what with the corrupt getting positive votes. I get this gloomy feeling that there might afterall be a bright future for MSingh! Continue Reading

When protest is the pain

It is always in the name of aam aadmi! He is the rallying point, be it for the Government, opposition or activists. But with so much of ears and tears directed at his plight, is he any better? Indeed, the real question is not that, but what hurts him more, the official policies or the ‘protests’ targetting them! Continue Reading