The perpetual whipping boy

The year was 1989.It was just another routine night shift for a sub-editor in a news agency in Chennai, then Madras. But when the phone rang past midnight it was’nt just another call, for the caller was none other than the then Chief Minister of the State… Continue Reading

Investigative Journalism & Brigand Management

La affaire Veerappan, and the frenzy that followed it in the media and the public have indeed opened our eyes to the exciting possibilities held out by the entire episode in the field of education. We felt that. it was the need of the hour to prepare the people to what is being dished out and provide an academic framework for proper understanding of brigands and their ways and also investigative journalists and their ways. Continue Reading

Director’s touch to the fore

The brigand media appears to be scaling new heights with every passing day. The latest episode of the Veerappan saga on a private satellite channel is no doubt yet another milestone in pot-boiler journalism, which deserves all praise for its enlightening insights into the lives of savage outlaws Continue Reading