‘Covid boosters in rich nations will cause deficit of jabs’

With the heavily mutated Omicron variant of Covid supercharging booster vaccine debate in rich countries, the world will face a deficit of 3 billion Covid-19 vaccine shots by early next year, the World Health Organisation has warned. Continue Reading

US schools promotes vaccines for youngsters

With the approval of the Covid-19 vaccine for younger children, many elementary schools around the US are preparing to offer the shots, which educators see as key to keeping students learning in person and making the classroom experience closer to what it once was. Continue Reading

UK includes Covishield in vax list for travel

The UK government on Wednesday issued an updated international travel advisory to include AstraZeneca Covishield among the eligible Covid-19 vaccine formulations but kept India out of the 18 countries on an approved vaccinations list, requiring Indians to follow rules set out for non-vaccinated travellers. Continue Reading

Vaccine is our only weapon against Delta Plus: Experts

Speakers at a panel discussion on ‘Covid-19: Lessons Learnt and Planning Forward’, echoed the sentiment that Delta plus Covid-19 variant continues to be a cause of concern and quick vaccination is the only weapon we have at hand. Continue Reading