A missive to missing PM

The nation is quite aware of your ‘oratorical’ skills. On that count, you would not qualify even as a platfom speaker let alone a PM. Reason why we hardly hear you speak- it is not that we are hard of hearing, but you rarely strain your vocal chords, not at least in public. And on the rare occasions that you do, you just read from prepared scripts with a wooden demeanour and without even looking the nation in the eye. Continue Reading

The missing magic!

MSingh’s I-Day speech was quite revealing. And his statement in Parli, most enlightening. So, if after 64 years of freedom, corruption is at an all time high today, it is only because he did not have a magic wand to check it, or so says Singh. Of course, the nation knows that he would have done precious little even if he possessed one. Some Rasputin appears to have put this idea of a Magic W in the UPA psyche because I remember Sonia too wanting one recently. Continue Reading

Still, he is an honourable man!

The spectrum scam is not just about A.Raja. To believe that he could have single-handedly caused a loss of Rs175 lakh crores is to overstate his capacity and calculating abilities. Nor is this a system failure: On the contrary, the system that includes various ministries, departments, official watchdogs like CAG and the judiciary has actually worked. Continue Reading

Mr Clean’s dirty linen

It’s just two weeks since the trust vote and the N-deal is almost a done deal from the Indian point of view. The ball is now in the US court, but the godspeed with which it has landed there speaks volumes of the PM’s determination that has powered it, whatever his motives or predicaments. Continue Reading

Free, fair and free-for-all

It was a free-for-all in a very literal sense too. With both the prime protagonists of the recently concluded electoral battle in TN having very little to offer in terms of ideology or programmes, the polls witnessed a frantic bid to buy, or bribe, the voter at any cost … Continue Reading