Athi Varadar found in pink robes on day 40 of darshan at Kanchi (video)

On the 9th day of ninra thirukolam today, Lord Athi Varadar looked enchanting, draped in baby pink vastram with a broad blue zari border.  Continue Reading

Kanchi Collector says there will be no Athi Varadar darshan 17 Aug (video)

Accordingly, the time for darshan on 16 August will be extended, he said today, the 39th day of darshan. Continue Reading

Day 30 of Athi Varadar darshan: Change in timings for 31 July

The beautiful idol of Athi Varadar was decked up in blue silk today and decorated with a variety of flowers. There was a lot of shenbagam flower garlands to add to His charm. Continue Reading

Day 24: Athi Varadar darshan in standing posture from 1 Aug (video)

It was just as beautiful a sight as in the past 23 days of Athi Varadar drashan. Today, the 24th day of darshan, the Lord was decked up in a resplendent yellow robe that had a shining blue border. Continue Reading

Devotees brave rain for darshan of Athi Varadar on 22nd day (video)

It has been raining in Kanchipuram, but the sea of devotees has not reduced. People braved the rain today and were seen standing in long queues to have a darshan of Athi Varadar, which they can do only once in 40 years. Continue Reading

20th day darshan of Athi Varadar: Saturday draws more devotees (video)

The district administration has now got down to regulating the crowd like in Tirupati and sending them in batches. Traffic is halted 3 km from the temple and people can be seen walking down the road chanting ‘Govinda, Govinda’ and ‘Narayana, Narayana’. Continue Reading

19th day Athi Varadar darshan: Security tightened around temple (video)

The Lord is decorated with blue silk robes with a green silk vastram laid over it. The most charming bit was that a huge garland made of the sweet-smelling vettiver also decorates the deity. Continue Reading