My Budget Biography

Me? A fan of Manmohan Singh? How dare I? I must confess that such a skeleton did exist in my past though it’s long since I have exorcised the ghost. Let me explain! I can already feel those familiar filmy flashback circles going around my head, of course with the appropriate BGMS invoking nostalgia, and lo, we just went back 22 years in a jiffy to 1991 June/July. To the Budget, to be precise. Continue Reading

Close encounters of the worst kind

On the freebies front both the DMK and the AIADMK have achieved near perfect parity, give or take a mixie or a fan or a few kgs of rice. In any case the anomalies are minor and are already being addressed. Cash distribution is a different ball game and the ruling combine seems to have a clear edge, what with the EC itself alleging that some cops themselves have turned carriers and even couriers. Continue Reading