The Inside Story

Not an uncommon experience this: An on-and-off joint ailment raising its ugly head without warning; a sudden shoulder surgery that puts even your arms at, er, arms length for weeks; and a long recuperation/therapy process that promises to be more painful than the pain that the painkillers killed. But then, on the flip side, which also becomes the positive side through a simple switch of attitude, trauma can also turn into a good teacher. Continue Reading

Our finger‘print’ everywhere

It is quite frustrating for a self-styled political ‘calumnist’ to be pushed into a forced sabbatical, particularly during poll time when professional, patriotic and personal calls of duties beckon. The mental pain is much the more when it is your arms, the deliverer of wisecracks and wisdom via the keyboard, that are the target of fate. Indeed, whoever used the metaphor ‘hands are tied’ to describe helplessness was not exactly being metaphorical but quite literal! Continue Reading