The missing magic!

MSingh’s I-Day speech was quite revealing. And his statement in Parli, most enlightening. So, if after 64 years of freedom, corruption is at an all time high today, it is only because he did not have a magic wand to check it, or so says Singh. Of course, the nation knows that he would have done precious little even if he possessed one. Some Rasputin appears to have put this idea of a Magic W in the UPA psyche because I remember Sonia too wanting one recently. Continue Reading

Confessions of a politico

Let me introduce myself. I am your political representative, elected or self-appointed. Theoretically, you are my master, the king, and I, your humble servant. In reality, I am Lord, to you and of all I survey, while in power and always itching to grab it when not. In short, you are my alibi and all that I do is in your name but for my sake. Continue Reading